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I am new to shipping easy. Is there a way I can mark selected orders as drop ship orders and have shipping easy convert them to POs to be send to vendors either automatically or manually. (ideally along with our packing list)

I don't think shipping easy has this feature but our current system does.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


Hi Thomas, 

Thanks for taking the time to post on the Community Forum. Just to make sure that I understand your request, are you wanting to select a group of orders from the Orders page, then when 'Marked as Shipped,' you would like ShippingEasy to take that total combined count and convert this to a Purchase Order, then auto email it to the vendor?

Thanks for taking the time to clarify!

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We want to be able to select a line item within an order or the entire order and mark it for drop ship and then send the selected item or order to the corresponding vendor for drop ship in the form of a PO. (Ideally along with our packing list showing our address etc.) We do not want to mark them as shipped until we get confirmation from the vendor along with the tracking number.
I can walk you through what we do in our current software if you like.
Tom Oommen
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