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Charger International import tax and duties on a 3rd party FedEx account

We can either set the sender or the recipient as the default payor for import tax and duties for FedEx international shipments, however, we cannot add a 3rd party FedEx account as the default payor, please consider adding this function for us. Thanks

Ke Ke



Ke Ke, 

Thanks for taking the time to post to our community forums. We do not have the capabilities to set the default to a third party, but we are able to create a Shipping Rule to achieve this outcome! This can be set up within your Settings page. 

Best of Rules: Third Party Billing

Hope this helps!


Bria B. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

No, your link tells me how to charge the shipping fee on a 3rd party account, however, I want to charge the international tax and duties on a 3rd party account.

Ke Ke 1 vote


Thanks for your reply, however, I still don't know how to charge duties to a third party account automatically, I have to input the account number one by one manually, it's really inconvenient.

Ke Ke 1 vote

Thank you Ke Ke. I am having the same issue. 

Hello Rewa, in the link you posted for Bill postage or customs duties (taxes) to a third party - it shows what Ke Ke and I are asking for: when you follow it to the FedEx link under "To bill customs duties (taxes) to a third party," you see that the only FedEx options that ShippingEasy allows are to bill to Sender and to bill to Recipient. It doesn't even give us the option of selecting Third Party. 

FedEx does allow Third Party billing for customs duties/taxes, but ShippingEasy hasn't enabled that option. This is important for us as a non-resident importer, since we pay the duties/taxes, and we must charge those fees to our separate shipping account in order to avoid FedEx "advancement fees" for covering them for us and then asking us to pay them back later...

Could you enable FedEx third party billing for duties/taxes? Thank you!

David 1 vote

Hello David and Ke Ke!

Thanks for your replies. I do apologize for the misunderstanding.  You are correct that there is not a third party option for the customs duties.  There is only the option to have Customs Duties paid by either the sender or receiver. 

I appreciate you sharing your concerns and feedback regarding this request on our Feature Request forum.  Our CEO and Product Manager monitor the forums daily to stay up to date on the features and updates that are most needed by our active shippers. Please continue to monitor this thread for updates. 

Rewa W. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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