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POS sales are a serious issue on inventory management

I know shipping easy is built for shipping. Honestly I didn't/don't want help with shipping. No other inventory management system is affordable and handles bundles the way shipping easy does, while also having the ability to see Prime Orders. But I get cheaper shipping prices elsewhere. So here's the thing. I know it's built for shipping, soooo POS integration sound unnecessary, BUT not all of us want shipping assistance. I'm only interested in inventory management and if shipping easy can't sync my POS sales then theres still a significant chance that I oversell...indeed I sold a box of incense today in person through Shopify's POS system but apparently that doesn't sync through the Shopify integration and as a result that box also sold on eBay three hours later and I had to order it from the next nearest person who carries it. I paid almost twice my asking price because the only other carrier was in Australia and I needed to expedite shipping to meet my promised delivery time. While I get the shipping focus, I'm not going to stay past my trial period if I can't integrate it with Shopify POS or Square. Inventory Management should include POS sales as well.

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I agree with this, it would be very nice to integrate with POS, I have said something about this before!

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We greatly appreciate your post to our feature request forum. Your active feedback helps us to consider what future features to look into. 

Your detailed explanation is very helpful! We have logged your request and it will be under consideration for prioritization. If there are any updates, we will be sure to update this post and direct other customers to share their feedback here as well!

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