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Inventory Management

We started using the Shipping Easy inventory management a month ago and feel it's not fully ready for use. It's been about a month and we are still unable to get everything set up working because of several issues.

1. Amazon SKUs are case sensitive but not Shipping Easy. In order to make things to work, we will need to change many of our SKUs on Amazon to work around Shipping Easy.

2. Once an SKU is in Shipping Easy system, we cannot delete it. If we have an SKU called abc and ABC on Amazon, it will not sync right or will not even sync back into Amazon. This creates a big problem for us.

3. Walmart syncing doesn't work (but I guess it's due to Walmart restrictions)

4. Magento 1.0 doesn't have two-way sync.

We're bummed on how this inventory system can help us?

As our inventory is getting into messier right now because it imports the SKUs into Shipping Easy with some SKUs lower case whereas on Amazon the same SKU it's upper case so it doesn't sync back to Amazon correctly. Originally we thought this inventory system would assist us but it seems like it's not. We hope Shipping Easy development team can look into getting the case sensitivity to work so the inventory can property sync back to Amazon. Not sure if other sellers are experiencing this?

We're writing this in hope for Shipping Easy developer can add the case sensitivity soon and offer a more robust system where we can adjust the commited qty and more. Thanks.




I agree with not being able to delete skus, because sometimes people need to delete stuff and not being able to delete ANYTHING out of ShippingEasy is really frustrating. Espically if you do email marketing and a customer asked to have all there information deleted out of our system and we are unable to fill that customers request, that is one of the many reason we switched to a different customer marketing program. 

We personally have not had any problem with Amazon products, when we first started ShippingEasy, we obviously had all our products synced into ShippingEasy and the SKUs came over correct from Amazon to ShippingEasy exactly how they were in Amazon. We sell on Amazon, eBay and our own website and have had no problem with products syncing. However, I do believe the inventory system needs ALOT of work to be half as good as I heard many out there to be. The only thing that works fantastic is the shipping program to print out labels. 

I am very glad that we havent jumped into selling on Walmart yet, because we will be soon. I have asked ShippingEasy if Walmart worked well with their inventory program and they told me yes! Can you please go into more detail about how ShippingEasy doesnt work with Walmart, because that will be a huge problem for us. 

Overall, I truly think that ShippingEasy is much better than our old inventory program Agiliron. If you are going to end up finding somewhere else to go, I personally do not have any recommendations because all our experiences have been bad with inventory managment programs. Just DO NOT go to a program named Agiliron. 

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Thank you all for taking the time to post in our forums. Unfortunately, we are unable to delete SKU's because it is tied to order/product information and we have to be able to preserve data integrity. If you have Products that you wish to exclude from your catalog, you can mark a SKU as inactiveThis will cause ShippingEasy to ignore the saved SKU values and orders will rely on the information pulling in from your store for specific SKUs. Any product marked as inactive will not be reactivated if an order with the same SKU syncs in, nor will any of its information be updated.

This is the first time I am hearing about Amazon SKU's being case-sensitive so I will be sure to pass this along to our team for a review!

I have also documented the request for 2-way sync for Magento 1x and have noted your account details with our current ticket with the WalMart restrictions. 

If there are any changes to the requests, we will be sure to update this post!



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