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Edit Weight of Additional Package

You recently changed the way we can add an additional package to the shipment by removing the "plus" sign button and replacing it with an "Additional Package(s)" link, which is nice, because the that new additional package link now always shows up, rather than before you had to have the package type selected to "Package" before that plus button would show up.

So that's all fine and well, but I still can't manually specify the additional package's weight. For the additional package, it just selects the same weight as the first package. Just like before, in order for me to specify a different weight for the second package, I have to go up to Package Type and select "Package" and then it will allow me to specify the weight.

Please fix this by adding the package weight to the popup window for the "Additional Package(s)" link


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Hi Spencer, 

Thanks for your post! I have reviewed your account and it looks like all of your current saved packaging settings has an 'Override Weight' listed. We are going to continue to update this feature and will support your request in the New Year to have the override weight applied to the individual packages

In the meantime, a solution would be to create a Saved Package with no weight assigned. 

I appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback! We will continue to make improvements to this modal.

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