Enable product name from catalog to be used on packing slips


Currently, the 'item_name' from the sales channel is what is used on packing slips.  For my products, the product names contain SEO and other marketing information.  The same product has different names on different sales channels.

It would be better for packing orders if just the product name listed in the ShippingEasy catalog could be shown on packing slips.



I agree whole-heartedly with this. It boils down to my sales channels having the same SKUs but different item names. For example, my Amazon and Ebay item names are lengthy as they add to the description, but on my website they're short. But on ShippingEasy it displays this really long item name on the PackingSlip which is no good. Also, this makes the Pick Lists think the items from different sales channels are different and, thus, doesn't combine them. This makes the pick lists really complicated when I get sales from different channels.


It's not feasible, nor desired, to change the item name to the same thing on each sales channel.


The easy fix here would be to add what the OP requested: have an option (a checkbox or something) on each product in the ShippingEasy catalog to override the Item Name. For example, on an incoming order, look at the SKU from that order, and if it matches a product in the ShippingEasy catalog, and that product has the "Overrride Item Name" selected, it pulls the Item name from ShippingEasy rather than from the sales channel.


It seems to me that one of ShippingEasy's underlying problems is it's reliance on the Item Name as the unique identifier, and not the SKU. I know you guys created an option to create a SKU Alias, but what we really need in this case is an option for Item Name alias

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Agreed, this is a needed feature. Ideally you would enable a variable selector in the template creation to use the Inventory database field rather than the store field. This should be pretty straightforward to code too - should be a simple lookup request based on SKU.

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, I would add that we standardize the labeling in our warehouse with SKU and Item Description. It's sort of a double check.

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Hi all, 

We greatly appreciate your post to our feature request forum, your detailed explanation is very helpful! Active feedback like yours helps us to consider what future features to look into.  

We have logged your request and it will be under consideration for prioritization. If there are any updates, we will be sure to update this post. Also if we hear this request from other customers, we will be sure to direct them to share their feedback here as well!

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