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Trouble shipping to Military


Ive entered this address as per the instructions:

Jane Doe
PCS 819
PO Box 3383

Zip 09645

When I go to print I get this error message:

Error Message:
This is the error message we've received back from USPS:
Customs Form is not allowed for mailpiece. Error encountered (Log ID: 24186)

I was not asked to fill out a customs form and I don't know how to 
Any help appreciated, Thank you
Lonny Jarrett Answered

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Hi Lonny,

Thank you for posting to our forum!

Looking at your account, I see AE listed twice on that particular order.  I would recommend clicking Retry to send the order back to the Ready to Ship page.  From there, you can click Edit for the Ship To address and format it like this:

City:  FPO

State:  AE

You can see our corresponding Knowledge Base article here:  How to: Format Military mail addresses

You can also double check addresses here:

I hope that helps!



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