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I am not sure where to ask this question....if its not here, please tell me where to go.
I am on the "free plan" and I have been paying $5/mo to have my scale integrated into ConnectEasy.

Now that LLR Bless system orders are automatically sent to ShippingEasy, the scale feature does not work.  I have to enter the weight I'm basically paying for a service I don't get.  I wanted to talk to someone about this, but I don't get that kind of support apparently with the free service.

Is there a way to have the weight done automatically? I don't see how this is a "wonderful feature" to have our LuLaRoe Bless orders automatically added to print labels when the weight doesn't work.

Anyone have any idea on if theres a setting I'm missing? Otherwise I want to cancel ConnectEasy and get a credit for February that they just took out.  HOW do I get a credit if I can't contact them??

ANY help would be appreciated!

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Hello Bette, and thank you for posting to our community!

I responded to your email today, but am posting most of what I sent, for anyone else who may be encountering the same issue.

Unfortunately because the BLESS system does not contain the weights for LuLaRoe products, it is unable to provide those weights to ShippingEasy. For service/packaging combinations that do not require a weight (for example, USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope), this should not be an issue because weight is not required.

However, for services that do require a weight (for example, USPS First Class Package Service), you can easily add the weight for each order in ShippingEasy, using the step-by-step instructions in the link below.

How to: Edit pre-shipment order weights 

To remove the ConnectEasy Scale integration from your account, you can use the step-by-step instructions in the next link below.

How to: Remove an add-on from my plan 

In regards to credits, we handle those on a case by case basis, and I emailed you back directly regarding that.

Thank you!

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Yes you did!  I was covering all places to ask my question!  I haven't heard about crediting my account though.  


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Hi Bette,

I believe we were able to resolve your Scale/ConnectEasy issue via email, so that you could use it with the Ready to Ship page instead. 

I hope that is working out for you, but please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns.

Thank you.

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