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bundled product indicator on inventory list


need a way to visually indicate when an item is part of a bundle.  Today to determine if a sku is part of a bundle we have to click on it to see the full details.  It would be nice to have some sort of small icon next to the inventory count on a bundle that would indicate such.

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Hi DJ, 

Thank you for your post. To clarify, was it the SKUs in your bundled products that you would like to be more clearly highlighted (or indicated) in the ShippingEasy product catalog? Today you can filter to your bundled products using the left "Type" filter. If you expand this filter there is an option to filter:

  • Products - Individual product or variant SKUs that are sold separately. 
  • Bundles - Groups of products that are sold together. Bundled product(s) can be made up of multiple quantities of the same product or multiple different products and quantities. 

Were you looking for a why to filter and review your "Products" and see which were contained in one or more of your bundled products? 

Tessa Hadobas [Product Manager]


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