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Advance ship date to next BUSINESS date.

We prepare shipments in the evening and I have the option set to " Automatically Advance Ship Date After " with 3 pm as the value.  I was very surprised and disappointing today to see that this option literally means the next day and not the next business day.  Today is Veteran's day, no mail pickup, now I have the wrong date on my labels and the wrong information posted to my stores.  This has not come up for me before since this is the first non-Monday holiday.

Isn't is more logical to advance the ship date to the next Business day, the literal next ship date?  That is how is is done with and it just never occurred to me that it wouldn't be the same with ShippingEasy.

Please change this function to calculate holidays, and I suppose Sunday also, to skip those days as valid ship dates.  I think that most will agree it just makes sense to do that.  (This could almost be considered a bug instead of feature request.)






Hello Bill,

I appreciate your detailed post. I can understand how this would be beneficial, especially during a holiday. 

Your request has been added into our documentation for consideration. If there are updates to your request, we will post them here. If you know of other merchants that support this request, ask them to comment or follow this post. It helps us to learn what merchants are most interested in!

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product]

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This seems to be a recurring theme in many of the questions on the boards.

Instead of assigning the date based on when you print your packing slip, and only having today and tomorrow as the choices in the shipping rules, this should be a setting on the shipping screen.

That way, on Saturday, 5/27/17 at 1:00 when the Post Office Picked up, I could have changed the shipping date through a drop down to Tuesday, 5/30/17.  All subsequent labels would use that date.

Instead, every label I have printed I have either had to manually change the date, or just print it with the wrong date.  Either way, not the ideal solution.

Steve Mayfield 1 vote

Hello Steve,

Thank you for your feedback! We've logged your support for this feature and it will  be under review. 

We will keep an eye on this post for additional feedback as well! If there are any updates to this feature request, we will post them here. 

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

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