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Shippingeasy adding condition and sku in the title

We print our packing slips to put in the package and having the Sku generate into the title, and item condition from eBay orders, We think looks terrible, when the sku is on the line item for each product. The same with Amazon we do not need a condition note in the title.

Clean it up!

Derrick Ryel

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Hello Derrick,

Thank you for your feedback, we have logged your request and it will be considered for prioritization.Our team will consider your requests and will post any updates here. 

We will also ask customers with the same request to post their feedback here, it is very helpful so that we how many customers support each feature request. If you know of any other merchants who would benefit them, please direct them to vote or comment on this thread as well. 

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

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