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Mass promo Email to customers and Email conversations with customers

How many customers can potentially be included in "mass" emails? 

Also, say I emailed a customer and after page refreshed, the email will become a link. What about customers' they stay in their particular profiles and get saved as well? Sometimes it's not only important to keep track of what we emailed to them but evenly or even more important to be able to archive customers' replies and been able to view them as "conversations" while "in" those respective profiles.


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In the current beta release of CM, we limit the number of customers we can display at one time to 500. So 500 is the current limit on the number of customers you could send an email to in one operation.

Having said that, if you have multiple pages of customers listed, each page having 500, you could repeat the process of sending that same email to each page of customers.

We realize that's not a very efficient method - longer term we plan to add email campaign features that remove these manual steps and make it possible to define which customers you want to have receive a specific email.

Regarding the management of email replies from your customer, we are still accepting requests and feedback before making decisions on a feature like that. We will direct any customers with similar requests to comment or follow on this post as well. Feedback helps us to learn how many customers are interested in each feature and prioritize what we should work on next.

Gregg Sporar
Product Manager


Gregg Sporar
Product Manager

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I totally underatand your point and I realize things like that take time to implement. Once you do however, seller like me won't have a need to use services of companies like Constant Contact, etc who do mass emailing. Please try to implement support for customer replies and "conversations" stored as one-sided emails are not the best way to handle customers these days. 

Thank you!!!


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