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Be able to update Shipping Preferences add Saved Selections to orders in the Orders Page

It would really speed things up for me and I assume others if I could do all my shipping preferences right from the order page, instead of having to batch it or add it to the shipping tab.  I've noticed some of the orders will allow me to Update the saved selection, but that only seems to work about 1/2 the time.

Shipstation is great in this regard, because I can update all the shipping service preferences right on the order page.  I can easily update the weight, pick packaging, select shipping service, add insurance, etc, or make bulk changes of all these things on multiple orders right from the Order Screen.  This speeds things up substantially. I feel like I am constantly clicking on new screens or tabs just to print orders.  In Shipstation, it is easy to do right from the orders page.  I select my update any orders that need to with shipping preferences, select the orders I want to ship, hit print and buy postage and it is done.  I don't even have to add postage.  It will automatically tell me what I need to buy if I am short and add that to the purchase of labels.

I really like the direction shipping easy is going as I am demoing it and like the direction they are headed especially with inventory, but I think they could take some great things from the easy of use and shipping workflow from shipstation that would honestly appeal to a lot of us long time shipstation users who aren't real happy they sold out to and looking for an alternative.


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Hello Travis,

Thank you very much for your feedback. We do offer some features that allow you to ship directly from the orders page. There are a couple of different options: Quick Ship or assigning via shipping rules. 

To consider Quick Ship, you can set up to 10 saved selections that you most frequently use. From there, you can select this on the Orders page.  You can read more about this process HERE. 

We also have a plethora of shipping rules that can be used to help automate your shipping by assigning carrier and packaging automatically. This allows you to use our Buy and Print option.

You first need to set up shipping rules, you can read more about that HERE. Once you have shipping rules set up to assign a saved selection as the orders pull into ShippingEasy, you can simply use the Buy and Print option to quickly purchase your labels. You can read more about Buy and Print HERE. 

Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions on getting set up with rules or saved selections. I've documented your requests to add more label purchasing options to the orders page, but please let us know if one of the recommendations above helps to improve your workflow. 

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product]

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