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Search Shipped orders by tranOrder Ref ID

With eBay, the "Order ID' that ShippingEasy is using is what eBay calls "Sales record" number and that does not appear anywhere outside of our eBay Order pages.  When we get, for example, a customer inquiry about shipment status, that message does not include the Sales record number and therefore we are unable to easily find that shipment within ShippingEasy to respond to the customer.  Those messages also normally do not include the other information we can search by, buyer name or address.  This means we have to go to the eBay account and look up the order number or get the name/address from the eBay order details page.

The ShippingEasy optional column called "Order Ref. ID" does include the eBay item number (listing id) in a hyphenated format and we will have the item number on eBay messages.  Right now I have to go to the trouble of looking up the other information on eBay and I might just as well click on the tracking number link they provide and get the answer there.  We should be able to get shipping information directly from ShippingEasy without the extra steps

Please consider adding Order Ref. ID to the searchable fields, or the Item Number if that is possible.  As a workaround I have added that column to the page display so I can do a browser search for the Item number, but that might require some additional page setup changes to get the order in the current view.

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In every eBay message, and even if you use Gmail to reply, should have the transaction tagged with a ItemID and a TransactionID. So for example, at the bottom of this message is this tag:

Order status: Paid
Paid $8.99 with PAYPAL on Jan 21, 2017 11:07 PST

Item ID: 282201087777
Transaction ID: 1630004854018




Searching shippingeasy via "ItemID-TransactionID" like "282201087777-1630004854018", it will pull up the order.

My request?

Simplify it. The transactionID should be enough.

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Thank you for the posts! We have logged this request and it will be under consideration along with our other feature request posts. If there is any update to this feature request, we will update this thread. If there are any other customers that express interest in this feature, we will ask them to direct their interest to this page as well. 

Thanks again for your posts, we appreciate your feedback and will share any updates.

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product]

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