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Allow printing labels/packing slips by Warehouse/Bin location

I know you can kind of do this by sorting them by the warehouse/bin location in the order page, but this doesn't always work well.

In shipstation, I this is my default shipping label/packing slip printing preference.

When I hit print, it just automatically orders them that way. Then as I go pick the orders, they are in the most logical order.

Makes a lot of sense.  I know picking lists are good for this, but if you go pick potentially hundreds of orders and have hundreds of SKUs in your inventory, this makes it really difficult to go find the items when you go to actually pack them with the packing slip and label.

Shipstation does this and it is a huge help.




1 Workaround is the orders page.

Batch items by Bin Location


The feature request to sort the printing labels by bin location. Shippingeasy could under "Label Sizes & Printing Options" then under "Shipping Labels" Print My Labels by -- Bin Location

Amtone Tech 0 votes

Hello Travis, 

Thank you very much for your feature request! I've logged your feature request and it will be under consideration for prioritization. 

One feature that may be able to assist you currently while this feature request is under consideration would be the "Print my Labels by Order Selection Sequence" and sorting your Orders page by Warehouse/ Bin Location.  

If you select to print by Order Election Sequence, labels and packing slips will print in the order they are selected from the Orders page. This would mean that if you clicked the box to select all  orders from the Orders  and you have the Orders page sorted by Warehouse/ Bin Location, it will print in the order they are listed on the Orders page! 

You can read more about this feature here. 

We will post any updates to this feature request here and ask customers with a similar request to post their support here! We greatly appreciate your participation in the feature request forums! 

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

ShippingEasy 0 votes

Hello Travis, 

There is no updates to this specific feature request at this time. As soon as we do have an update, we will be sure to post it here. 


Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product]

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