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Able to see if package is insured in order details page

Currently we are only allowed to see if insurance was purchase or not via Shipment History. When there's a lot of orders or many days have passed, it takes a lot of time to go down the lists one by one to locate that order under Shipment History to know if it was insured or not. It will be best if that detail can be shown under the orders detail page.



Hello Betty,

Thank you very much for this post! We can certainly see how this would make it easier to track insurance on packages and make it easier to file insurance claims as well. 

I have documented your request for consideration. Please monitor this page for updates. We will also ask customers who share a similar request to follow or comment on this post, as it helps us to prioritize requests.

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

ShippingEasy 1 vote

It would be very helpful to have insurance listed on the shipping details page. Only makes sense to have insurance listed - it's part of the details of the shipment. If a claim needs to be made, searching through the shipping history list is not as user-friendly when the order number is available. 

Stylus Sling 1 vote

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