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I'm lost with how shipping easy works with WooCommerce.


Does the shipping easy plug-in calculate shipping costs and display those in the cart for woocommerce?? Either is does not and you need to install additional shipping methods to make that work OR for whatever reason the plug-in is not working?

More simply what do I need to do to get shipping cost displayed in the woocommerce cart??


Robert Boyer Answered

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Hi Robert - Thanks for reaching out!

ShippingEasy is a back-end shipping solution. We provide tools to manage your orders once they have been placed, but we do not interact with your shopping cart.

These articles provides a little more information about how ShippingEasy works:

We also have a few forum threads that delve into your options to display rates in your WooCommerce shopping cart. This is one of the more detailed discussions:

I hope this helps! Please post your follow up questions in the comments below.

Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

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