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Our business uses smartpost labels as a big part of our shipping service to ship out to our customers. However, we are having difficulties printing out return labels for our customers through smartpost. The system will not allow us to print any return labels even from different carriers.

The only way we are able to send out a label to our customer, is to print a duplicate label but switch it from smartpost to a different service. Then cancel the duplicate and print a return label from the duplicate to our customers. It is really hard and confusing to do that.

I have researched that and found that FedEx allows return labels. Also, there are some companies similar to shippingeasy that allows the return label printing through smart post. However, i like to stay with shippingeasy because of its easiness and simplicity but Smartpost return labels are a big part of our business.

It would be much easier to print out smart post return labels directly as any other label. 

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Thanks for posting your feedback. Since releasing support for FedEx Smartpost, we've been interested to hear from our customers about Smartpost returns.

We have another thread that we've been discussing this in. Would you please post a comment here as well?

By picking up the conversation in this older thread, we're able to keep all related feedback in one place. This helps our team monitor interest in the feature and prioritize development work accordingly.


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