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Include Scan Based return labels on the same page as the packing slip

It would be great if there was a template that includes the return label and the packing slip on the same page. Our fulfillment center has to be careful not to use the return label as the shipping label which slows down our process. It also looks way better!





Hi Maria - Thanks for sharing this idea!

These details make a compelling case. We'll keep our eyes on this thread to see if other businesses would also find this label/packing slip format useful. Any development will be prioritized based on overall interest.

For others interested - please post your thoughts in the comments below!

Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

Hello Jennifer, 

I too would like this feature. I just signed up for ShippingEasy because of the Scan Based Return feature.  We sell swimwear so  returns are an ongoing challenge. Being able to send a return label with the packing slip would make sense for both the customer as well as the merchant . Hopefully you'll add this feature soon. If not, is there a way to make a custom template that would include the scan based return label?

jbowen 0 votes

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