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Need to be able to view and sort by order date within the shipment history window

Please please please add one more column to your shipment history page >>> that column would be the actual order date. 

Need to be able to sort by the ORDER date, not the "label created" date.  This is for manual orders and I need to be able to see the actual order of orders (the sequence of orders).



Zac Drzayich



Hi Zac, 


I love this idea and will forward the suggestion to our Product Team. I see that you currently are manually creating orders. That said, I have a suggestion (this could work for synced orders too should you ever add a new store to ShippingEasy): 


In ShippingEasy, the "Created Date" is defined by the date a rate quote is given. So, if you create a rule that assigns Saved Carrier Selections to your orders (this link uses Products as the rule's "IF" statement but you would likely want to use SKUs), a rate quote should be immediately applied to that order on the Orders page. This is both for when you create a manual order or the order comes into ShippingEasy via syncing. Then, no matter what method you choose to purchase your label from ShippingEasy for that order, the "Created Date" should be the date the manual order (or synced order) was added to ShippingEasy. 


There are only a couple scenarios I see this not working for you: 


1. With Manual orders: If a customer ordered yesterday and you manually added their order in today, the "Created Date" would show today as the date the order was created. 

2. With Synced orders: If the order comes into ShippingEasy on it's automatic sync after midnight, the "Created Date" would be the day after the products were ordered by the customer.


Barring those two examples, I think this could be a great workaround for you until we offer a column that shows the date the shipment was ordered. 


Thanks again for your feedback! 

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

Thanks for the suggestion.. but in my case, I am uploading a week or more's worth of orders at once, so it sounds like even with the rule, it would still populate the 'created' date with the date that I upload the orders... yes? If so, that doesn't really solve the issue, but thank you for giving it some thought.

let me know if maybe I misunderstood your workaround suggestion.



Zac Drzayich 0 votes

Hi Zac, 

I see. Given your process, it makes total sense to ask for this feature. If you notice anyone else in the forums who would benefit from this feature, please feel free to send them this way. The more feedback we get on any one feature, the more likely we are to plan and prioritize it. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts and requests! 

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

Thanks Sharon! I've added your name to the list of interested parties for this feature. 

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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