Make Orders packable by product BAR CODE.


Hey guys, I'm incredibly excited about ShippingEasy. 

The one issue I'm trying to plan for I'm certain is costing most of your customers money ( I know it will us) from time to time and it's very avoidable. 

I think is a simple fix is to make it so at the pack screen in order to mark an item packed, add the option to do it by barcode.

One of the biggest (if not the single biggest) reason that pack and ship systems have Bar Code scanners at the ship station is to verify the item is the correct one to prevent Mis-Ships. 

A packer grabs the product that was picked, he scans it, which marks it packed and puts it in the box.  If it's the wrong item, it will say wrong item, and the packer sends it back to the picker who grabbed the wrong item. 

I realize you can put pictures on packing slips, but color pictures are not going to be cost effective on thousands of orders, and many pictures might look alike. Scanners nearly eliminate the possibility for a shipping error. 

Other system I have used simply add special encoding to the barcode scanner so that in appends data in front and back of the actual barcode (standard feature on cheap hand helds, even corded) which translates into actions inside of the shipping software, basically (click this). 

I'm happy to send you the documentation I have from my last shipping software that did it, which by the way, wasn't even in the same ballpark as you guys in every other category, your system is awesome, it would be perfect IMHO with this one little thing?

Crossing fingers!  Please??? :)

Official Comment

Hi all, 

Thanks for your patience while our team considers the request. We have not created this enhancement within our system at this time, but we do have a recommended solution. 

We currently suggest integrating with GroovePacker.

GroovePacker is an inventory management system that provides scan and pack verification for your warehouse. 

How to: Integrate GroovePacker with ShippingEasy

How to use ShippingEasy with GroovePacker

Happy Shipping!

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Hi Casey, 

Although this is not a prioritized feature, we have heard from a few customers that they have been using who has built an integration with ShippingEasy to support something similar to what you are looking for. I would recommend reaching out to them to see if they are able to assist you in setting up a process that works for you. 

I will also make sure to add your interest in this feature to our list of features to consider in the future. Feel free to "follow" this thread so that you can be updated if there are any updates. Thanks!

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3 years later and the same subpar service is still the only solution?  I love shipping easy but it's crazy after 3 years this critical feature still isn't a priority.  We got barcodes last year, can we please finish the last step and cut out groovepacker?  I wouldn't mind paying extra monthly to reduce our shipping errors without having to use another service...

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Is GrooveShipper still the best option?

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