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Total Customer Paid Shipping vs. Split Quantity Command


Each year, I export a custom Order Report to assist preparing my 2015 Schedule C.  However, when I “split” order quantities I also noticed that the original Customer Paid Shipping amount is also carried over for each split of the original order.  The “split” command doubles the Customer Paid Shipping amount that is also included in the summation of Total Revenue for business income purposes. 

#1:  Can you verify that the “split quantity” splits the original order quantity but does NOT split the Customer Paid shipping amount?

#2:  If this is correct – would you consider also splitting the Customer Paid Shipping amount to be consistent with the adjustment of Order Quantity?

Thank you for any additional information you can provide on this issue.

Michael P.

Buffalo, NY


Mike Pelone

Official comment

Hi Michael,
Great news! We have a new report in ShippingEasy that will not duplicate the revenue of split orders, preventing you from double counting your revenue.
The "Shipping Margin (All)" report lists the shipping margin for all orders with one or more shipments within the requested time span. This report is totaled by Destination Country. 
I would like to note that combined orders values are not added when combining- only the remaining order will retain it's value.
Please let me know if you have questions!
Warm regards,
Taylor Painter
Taylor P. [ShippingEasy]



Hi Michael,

Thanks for posting in our forums!

You are correct- we do not update the dollar amounts for orders when they are split or combined. For combined orders, only the surviving order's values are maintained, and for split orders each new order will retain the original order's values (Shipping Paid, Total Paid).

This is due to the complex nature of charges from your store platform (tax, discounts, etc), so it can be difficult for our developers to identify a way to handle this information consistently in a way that would be applicable to all sellers. It is an enhancement we are considering, but I do not have a date that would be released.

For now, we suggest you defer to your store platform for exact order transaction information from your customers. I've included some links below to some specific store platforms that should help.

Warm regards,
Taylor Painter
Taylor P. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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