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Make scanning order # pull up order from anywhere, vs having to click the search bar every time

It is easy to miss clicking the search bar, scan a packing slip, *thinking* the new item is displayed, but really you are not on that item. In a past experience, the app took you to that item no matter what page you were on, or where you were on that page. :)

Jon Bryan

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Hi Jon, 

Do you mind clarifying the issue a bit further? I'd like to verify that you are speaking about the load bar on the Ready to Ship screen - is that right? Our most recent change to the Ready to Ship load bar was in September. The only real thing we changed was that when you load in an order, we automatically clear the field. This is so you can continue to easily and rapidly load more orders into the system without having to erase the text from the previous scan.

Per your first portion of the request, it sounds like what you want is the ability to scan something, no matter where you are on the application (ie: whether you are clicked in the load bar, on the Shipping History screen, on the Orders screen, etc.). Is that right?

Per your second portion of the request, when you say the app used to take you to that item no matter what page you are on, what do you mean exactly?

Any more info would be greatly appreciated so that we can look into this further. 

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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