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Combined Orders issue


Issue:  When combining sales orders from the Orders module, ShippingEasy does not combine the order and shipping totals that was imported from our sales channels.  Would it be possible for the data table to add those totals together when we combine sales orders so it displays accurate pricing info on our reports?


Example:  I have 1 customer who places 2 separate orders for different items.  For easy math, say each item is $10 with a $2 shipping fee.  They show the correct totals on my Orders screen however when I combine them to save on postage, the totals do not carry over.  Only the main order displays the order amount on reports.  Instead of seeing $20 item total and $4 shipping (generated by both orders), I see 2 orders totaling $12.

Trey McCaskill Completed



Hi Trey,


This is a great suggestion. We're always looking for better ways to handle combined/split orders but it does get a little tricky given the amount of scenarios that are out there. For example, if there are discounts included, we're going to need to handle updating/combining a bit differently than your scenario or if something was split. It gets even more tricky when there are multiple splits or combinations in a single order, which can happen frequently. 

As there are lots of options in splitting and combining, before even considering providing a more robust updating feature, we want to make sure we understand each scenario so we know how to handle them, so thanks for sharing your need for this! I've gone ahead and forwarded your request to our Product Team so that they can look into this for you. Please keep an eye on this thread for any future updates. Thanks again for the feedback! 

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes
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Hi SE Support.

Yea, same exact issue.

What's so difficult about adding the amounts together from each order? Each one comes in correctly, so why can't you do the simple math and total them up, discounts and all?

Keith 1 vote
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I agree, it should be easier to view the subtotal when I combine orders. We have a lot of smaller add-on items to the main item, so there are times when it is difficult and time consuming to add it manually.. Please help us with this issue SE!

Jonas 1 vote
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Hi Keith and Jonas,

Thank you for the posts! We greatly appreciate your feedback and have documented your requests to display totals for all combined orders.

If there are any updates, we will be sure to update this post and direct other customers to share their feedback here as well!

Jacen P. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes
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This feature is now available! Combining orders in ShippingEasy will now combine the order total amounts. The newly combined order will display the combined totals for: shipping paid, sales tax, subtotal, discount, and order total. Note that if the orders being combined had previously been split from the same order, then to avoid double-counting the total amounts are not combined.

FAQs: Combine Orders


Bria B. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes
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