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Reactivate orders after they have been cleared


ShippingEasy Update: This is a duplicate. Please see this alternate thread.

When an order comes through and then we run the credit card and it declines we send an email to the customer and in SparkPay Admin we close the order. This clears it from ShippingEasy, but in some cases the customer will call us and fix the credit card issue so we reopen the order. The problem is that once this has been cleared from ShippingEasy, there doesn't seem to be a way to bring it back to active so that we can ship the order. We need a way to find cleared orders and make them available for shipping in Shipping Easy.

Steven Howland Answered

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Hi Steven - Thanks for reminding us of your interest in this feature.

Our team has been considering ways to "bring back cleared orders", although our ideas haven't made it to the drawing table just yet. Some of the thoughts include:

  • An option to filter for cleared orders on the Orders page, with a "resync" option.
  • An option on the Global Search bar to locate cleared orders and resync.

While we'd love to get your thoughts on these ideas, the best way to move an enhancement up our work list is to post to existing threads. We receive feedback through a number of channels and the more consolidated that feedback is, the better we're able to track overall interest. 

It looks like you first posted this idea to this thread: 

Feel free and add any new information there. I also encourage anyone else who is interested in this feature to post your comments to the link above.

Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]

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