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Sparkpay Integration. Updating orders that have been modified

Every day we get calls from customers with request to change their shipping address, add or subtract a product, etc. When we make changes in Sparkpay these changes are not picked up by Shipping Easy. As a result the only way to get the correct information on the order is to manually enter it when shipping. Not only is does this slow us down, but it is an area of potential errors. The other thing that happens is that if the order has been changed on Sparkpay admin, then when the order is shipped, the tracking number does not get pushed back to Sparkpay and appended to the order. Instead there is just an error.

So this is a request that ShippingEasy monitor Sparkpay for orders that have changed and resync them with the new info, both so that the information in ShippingEasy matches the information in SparkPay and so orders get correctly updated with tracking numbers.

Steven Howland



Hi Steven, 

This is an excellent suggestion. For your first suggestion, we currently offer this for a few platforms, but not yet for SparkPay. You can view those platforms here: If I edit an order in my store after it has synced, will the changes update in ShippingEasy? 

We'll make sure to look into this further for consideration. 

One suggestion that I do have so that you don't get errors and you are not importing orders that are not yet ready to be shipped is to turn off automatic order downloads. How to: Disable Automatic Order Downloads

As for your second issue, I'm not sure if this is a bug or a feature request so I'd be curious to know what error message you are getting. Can you copy/paste it here? 


Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

Any progress on having SparkPay resync orders that have changed in SparkPay. It's a lot of extra work for us to modify orders in Sparkpay with a customer on the line, and then have to remember to manually modify it in shipping easy as well so that when the shipment goes out the two orders match. I don't thing there is any technical reason why Shipping easy can't look for orders with changes based on the most recent modification date and resync the order so that Shipping Easy automatically imports the changes.


Steven Howland 0 votes

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