Copy and Paste Email Addresses from Shipping page


WAY too much hassle to collect email addresses by clicking through to the order details page, which is the only place the emails are copyable. We should be able to copy and paste from the pop-ups on the shipping page. Not being able to do so means manually retyping all the emails - a nightmare! This alone is making ShippingEasy ShippingFrustrating.



I'm so sorry to hear that. We actually do allow copying from the Order's pop up. What you will want to do is pull up the pop up bubble, and click and drag across the email without letting go of the click or lifting the mouse. You'll want to do this in one swoop and a single + drag click of the mouse. I will forward feedback, however, regarding it not being so intuitive. If you are unable to do this, I'd be happy to reach out to you via phone to do a screenshare.


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