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Dear Shippingeasy,

Greetings from Sense Asia!
We would like to get your support about checking for our shipment status. Please advise us what is the actual status of our shipments now:
- Tracking number: 9400110200828544585363. It's long time ago, we did not notice about this. Now when we check again, it's in "forward status". We did not know that even our customer receive it or not..
- Tracking number: LN255725398US. For this we sent from US to China, also long time ago but still in Transit status.
- Tracking number: 9400110200881598279732. In the "forward" status also.

Please, help us to check. It will be better to check with your site first than with our customer.

Looking forward for your response soon.

From Sense Asia.

Official Comment

Hi Alex,

Thanks for reaching out. For your first tracking #, it appears that Jennifer responded to you HERE. Please note, this one is not in the "Forwarded" status but tracking # 9400110200881598279732 is. The "Forward" status typically means that the customer you are shipping to has either moved and forwarded their address (which is why the package would not arrive on time) or is temporarily on vacation and has their mail on hold or forwarded to a temporary address. It would be worth checking with the customer on this one to verify if they have adding mail forwarding (as seen here). If they claim they have not, you will want to reach out to the USPS.

Per your shipment to China - I notice that this order was actually cleared in ShippingEasy (order 103-4342046-4470646) and you created a manual order for it. When duplicating the shipment, I see you used a Flat Envelope which has no tracking. Please take a look at Why cant I track a USPS First Class Large Flat Envelope shipment with the tracking number provided to my store?

I hope this helps!

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