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I have a seasonal subscription service that means I send multiple shipments to the same group of customers every ~2 months. I understand that once an Order has been marked shipped I can create a duplicate label for that order to send additional shipments later on, but it would be great if there was a better way to do this! Is there any way that I can move a shipment (or group of shipments) back to Open Orders to make selecting and sending these easier? I've tried manually changing these orders back to "Unfulfilled" via Shopify but they don't sync back up with ShippingEasy as "new" orders. I realize this is sort of a unique scenario, but it would be great to see an option like this if it's possible.



You do have a unique situation but not one that is unheard of. What I worry about when moving shipped orders back to the Orders screen is that you would have a missing history. This is why we have the duplicate shipment option. In any case, I have forwarded this idea to our Product team! Please keep the feedback coming!

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Same issue except a client placed 2 orders with some time apart. I processed a first order when the client had placed another order. I want to combine (same price for shipping 1 or 2 items) So I have canceled the 1st order and I'm trying to reprocess two orders together, as combined. But I don't see the way how it can be done.
Please help

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Hi Armen, 

You make a great point and I've gone ahead and made note of your request so that we can look into offering it in the future.

Per your specific situation here, there are a few options. If you're looking for all of your order details to contain the correct information, the best option is to cancel the 1st shipment (as you have already done) and then edit the 2nd order on the Orders page. You can add a line item to the 2nd order, essentially manually combining the orders. Here's a quick overview on how to edit your orders: Edit Orders on the Orders page 

If you aren't worried about the packing slip or email containing the right information for items such as quantity and SKU, the best option is to duplicate the order on the Shipping History screen and mark the 2nd order as shipped. Here's how to do that:  

The last option you have is to cancel the 1st shipment on the Shipping History screen and mark the 2nd order as shipped, or you can clear it. Then, you can create a manual order including both orders' details and the correct weight. The downside of this method is that your store will need to be manually updated with tracking and status info. 

I hope this helps! 

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