warehouse bin / location column in order page


i was wondering if you guys can add a warehouse bin / location column in the orders page so if you sort the orders by warehouse bin you can pick all the alike items together for larger shippers

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Great news! This has been released and you can now add the Warehouse/Bin column to your Orders page. NOTE: It is not set to show up by default so you will need to find it in the "Arrange Columns" feature and select it from there. This article explains how to arrange your columns.

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Hi there,

Great suggestion! I have forwarded your request to our Product Manager. To be clear on your process, would you prefer to use this over the pick list or in conjunction?

It appears that this is a feature we have planned for sometime this summer, so please keep an eye on this thread as we will update it when it is released.

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We like the warehouse field, but while it has helped our processes there are still some additional features we'd like to see in order to be able to utilize it fully.
For background, we currently sort by warehouse then group our batches accordingly. The limitations to this are that we can not then sort additionally by Recipient (or any other column), and for multiple item orders the value in this field shows as 'Various' so does not group with other orders sharing a warehouse location.
I feel that our issues could be satisfied by adding a filter, perhaps with the standard list along the left of the screen, which would reflect any order matching what is entered, whether the value is shown in the warehouse column or hidden on any 1 of the lines for the multiple item orders.
If this, or something similar to accomplish the same outcome, could be implemented it would significantly improve our workflow.

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Hi there! Thanks for posting this request. As this thread has already been closed due to implementation of the feature initially mentioned, do you mind posting your request to a new thread? This way, our CEO can see a single cohesive thread specific to your request and other customers can like, comment, and vote on it individually from this thread.

To post a new thread, please go to this feature request page and click "Post a question or idea". I hope this helps - thanks!

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