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WooCommerce - displaying shipping options


I'm still a bit confused on how things work with WooCommerce on a WordPress site. I have everything installed, API/Secret/Store Keys installed. I'm trying to figure out what else I need to have the client see and choose the shipping option. It's not spelled out in the documentation on how to do this. Do I need to install another WooThemes plugin for shipping (USPS, FedEx)? I saw another post with someone asking this type of question but the answer was not real clear just "if you want live shipping rates to appear". But, why wouldn't you want live shipping rates so your customer can choose and know how much shipping will be. Could someone help spell it out for me. I feel like I'm missing a piece here.

Kara Shapiro Answered

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Hi Kara - Thanks for asking for clarification!

ShippingEasy is an app that exists on the back-end of your store. We sync your orders into ShippingEasy. This allows you - the merchant - to easily manage your shipments and find the best rates. However, the shipping rates you see in ShippingEasy are not available to your customers from your WooCommerce store.

There are other apps available through WooThemes that allow you to provide real-time rates to your customers from your WooCommerce shopping cart. These apps might be of interest to you:

One thing to keep in mind is that if you extend any carrier service to your customers, be sure that you also have access to these carriers in ShippingEasy.

We provide free Endicia accounts so you always have the option to ship via USPS. You may find these articles helpful:

In order to ship via FedEx or UPS, though, you'll need to open an account with them directly, and then link it to ShippingEasy. These articles will help you connect your accounts:



Let me know if you still have any other questions!

Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy]
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I'm adding a new piece here. I see in the admin area of WooCommerce > Integration > ShippingEasy: ShippingEasy provides the easiest shipping app for online sellers. Its cloud-based shipping solution offers the cheapest USPS postage rates, plus the ability to plug in UPS and FedEx accounts. Do I need to connect a USPS account or FedEx account within ShippingEasy Shipping Providers first? Once these are connected will rates show up within the shopping cart (cart and checkout) of the site?

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So we will need to:
1) Purchase the shipping extensions via WooCommerce (USPS and FedEx if those are the two we want to use)
2) Open accounts with those two shipping vendors
3) Link the accounts within ShippingEasy

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Hi Kara - Yes, this is a great summary of the process.

I'd just like to clarify one point. ShippingEasy comes with two free Endicia accounts, which gains you access to USPS postage. On the other hand, you'll need to open a FedEx account outside of ShippingEasy and then connect it.

Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes
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Thank you for your help with my questions!

One other question as I'm moving along this setup process...

What if my client already has a USPS account. Would the process be to disconnect the two Endicia accounts and connect their current USPS account?

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Hi Kara,

If your client has a USPS account through Endicia, they could link this as the Endicia First Class account. To do this:

  1. Close the Endicia First Class account. Learn more.
  2. Disconnect the Endicia First Class account. On the Shipping Providers (Rates) page, select the "Disconnect" button next to the Endicia First Class account.
  3. Connect the existing Endicia account to the Endicia First Class port. Learn more.

Under most circumstances, it's not possible to link an existing account to an Endicia Expedited account. With one exception - if your client has specifically negotiated rates with USPS on Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express, and these rates are lower than they currently see in ShippingEasy, we may be able to link the account to their Expedited rates. Unless they have a tremendous monthly shipping volume (in the 1000s), they probably will get better rates through the account they opened with ShippingEasy. In addition, this change requires the assistance of our developers.

Please check our rate tables to see if their negotiate rates are lower:

Note: Starter accounts will access Commercial Base Pricing, while Basic and above accounts access Commercial Plus Pricing.

  • If your client is on a Basic or above account, please email, chat, or call us via the links in the top left of their ShippingEasy account.
  • If your client is on the Starter account, you can email the Endicia account information to
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