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Combined orders are not updating to Amazon as shipped and dont update tracking

I love how easy combining orders is in shippingeasy, but combined amazon orders are not updating the status as shipped or uploading tracking to amazon. This is an IMPORTANT issue that needs addressed because we have to sort through open orders inside of amazon after we have shipped everything, search each order number and copy the tracking in for each order to amazon. This is affecting anywhere from 10-30 orders per day for us, meaning we are left doing this process 10-30 times per day.




Hi there,

We would love to see this, too!

Unfortunately, amazon imposes restrictions on how many times they allow a third-party like ShippingEasy to update the status of an order, which makes updating split or combined orders more complicated. Though we're interested to know how important this feature is to our Amazon customers, so I am glad you brought this up.

Anyone interested should follow and vote for this feature.


Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

Our issue is similar, but not restricted only to Amazon. I suspect that the origin of this request was referring to automated updates.

We download a report similar to the canned 'Complete Shipping Report' at the end of each day and use that to process our tracking updates. It would still be a huge benefit to have that report reflect the duplicate tracking number for the combined order so we could close it out while closing out the one it was combined 'into'.


The Deal Rack 0 votes

@ Black Canyon - We recently resolved this problem, but also discovered an additional bug. Here are some notes from our Product Team:

If you combine Amazon orders in ShippingEasy with one "Combine" action, the orders will be updated with the tracking information and a Shipped status when you ship the combined order.

ALERT: we have identified a bug which affects Amazon orders that are combined more than once. We recommend combining all of the necessary orders in one "Combine" action to allow all of the orders to be marked as shipped. When Amazon orders are combined in multiple actions then shipped, ShippingEasy does not currently update the orders as shipped. Our developers are across this issue.

Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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