add custom images to shipping label


We would like to be able to add a promotion image and a suggested product image to the shipping labels to encourage customers to return. We need to be able to upload our own images, then place them at the bottom of the shipping lable.


Hi Jhonna,

Thanks for the suggestion. I have forwarded your request to the Product Team.

In the meantime, I wanted to share some features of our Product Catalog. Although this does not meet your needs 100%, as it does not populate images to labels, our Product Catalog allows you to upload images and data of the products you sell.

By entering your updated product information into the Product Catalog in ShippingEasy, you have the most updated product information on Packing Slips and Shipping Confirmation Emails. You can even customize your Packing Slips and Shipping Confirmation Emails to display your product images. Furthermore, you can configure your labels to display product SKUs as a sort of mini-packing slip.

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