Please increase functionality of "Print Now" button on "Ready to Ship" page.


I'd like for Shipping Easy to print out an order's Packing Slip, Label, and Customs Forms(if needed) simultaneously by just clicking the "Print Now" button.

Ultimately what I'm asking for is the ability to assign what the "Print Now" button would actually print. This would greatly streamline the shipping process.

The way it works now requires us to use the "Print Later" function, where we then have to select the documents we want printed from the "Print Selected" drop-down menu.

However, going through this process prints out only the label and the packing slip at the same time. If the order requires Customs Forms to be printed, we then have to find the order in the Shipping History page, Check it, then finally select print Customs Forms from the drop down menu in the top left portion of the page.


Hi there,

Great idea! I wanted to let you know that I have forwarded your request to our Product Team. I also wanted to make a note that our "Print Now" button does print customs forms at the same time as the labels (they come out in a sort of combo-label) when using USPS, so it sounds like you are using FedEx or UPS, is that correct?

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