Add a memo field to the shipping label beyond the address 2 field


We often ship internationally to the EU. In shipping there we put an EORI number that helps speed up the customs process.

Currently, we hand write this number on each label. That's 3 times per package. This number is displayed on the last line after the country.

For example

Contact Person
City, Postal Code
EORI number

I think you could generalize this field as memo field for someone to put Attention: Shipping Department we would simply put EORI: 2389455758937



Thanks again for this request. I have made sure that our Product Manager is aware of your interest in this and have shared your feedback with the team. Thanks!

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I'd like to amend this request!  An extra field for EORI numbers is crucial for international shipping!  Please, please, please add this option!

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Hi Tracey, 

Thank you very much for your feedback! Customer feedback is incredibly helpful to us as a means of learning what could help our merchants, so we know which new features to build. This feature will be under consideration for prioritization.

If you know of any other sellers that would benefit from this feature, please ask them to comment or post here as well. If we hear this request from other customers, we will ask them to comment or follow here as well. 

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