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Set permissions per User


Be able to prohibit users from deleting/clearing/viewing orders, etc.

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Great news everyone!

We've added in per-user permissions! Now, the account owner can limit access to certain parts of ShippingEasy on a per-user basis. For example, if certain users should not be allowed to adjust any of the settings on the ShippingEasy account then they can be restricted from doing so. When a user attempts to access a feature for which they do not have permission a page displays to let the user know that the account owner will need to grant access.
The user can click a link to generate an email to the account owner to request access. Users can see which specific features they have been granted by clicking their name (in the upper right corner) and then clicking "My Profile". In addition, the user profile page has an additional enhancement: ConnectEasy printer assignments and credentials are displayed if the account has ConnectEasy enabled. For more information on this feature, you can view our Support Center article here:  How to manage per-user permissions in your account
We're excited to offer this feature and hope you find it useful, too! Of course, if there are additional features or enhancement you'd like to see with this tool, please feel free to leave feedback! This thread is now closing as the feature has been released, so if you do have any specific requests regarding this tool, you can start a new thread in our support center. Thanks!
Rachael O. [ShippingEasy]
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I think there should also be a restriction from certain users not being able to ship manual orders - preventing employees from making personal shipments ...

Stephen Franco 1 vote
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Maybe Shippingeasy can create a specific type of user than can only see the orders that user adds to the account.....

As long as you are able to login to Shippingeasy, whether you are the account owner or secondary user, the account is completely exposed to one who logged in. Which means, if I hire a new employee to do my shipping, they have full access to the stores income, all its customers names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers. Oh, and in case they want this information, in case you fire them and they want to compete with you, Shippingeasy makes it real easy for them to run a report of your entire history and download it to a CSV, what a dream!

I don't know if this is only unique to me, but some of the vendors I buy from will drop ship my orders and use my account to create shipments, this way I pay shipping and can view history. I would give them access to my Shippingeasy account but don't want them to see all my company information.

The feature request here goes as follows:

Each of the main tabs at the top (Dashboard, Quick Ship, Orders, Shipments, Products, Settings, Reports, Help), including their subcategories, should have an option under setting of the account owner which of them should be viewable to the users. History should only be viewable for the account owner.

Nitivel Molohs 2 votes
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These are great ideas. I have forwarded your requests to our Product Team.

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 1 vote
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Hi Nitivel

That's exactly what I think, we use third-party services for our fulfillment.
And we can not pass all these data to it.
I needed a collaborator account (neutral) and and locked just for:

1º) View orders
2º) Create labels

This type of person and User do not see anything but that emails, export list and more.
The Quickbooks for exemple is very flexible in this sense the rules of users.

Alert: A BIG problem to working with e-commerce today is the theft of information by ex employees.


Marcelo 1 vote
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I would also like to be able to set user permissions.

When my worker logs in, their job is to pull the orders to which I have assigned them, print them, and package the order. That is all. I would like the ability to filter OUT the pricing information, shipping charges, as if we're hiding columns of a spreadsheet from certain users.

Additionally, I'd like the ability to remove the reports tab for certain users accounts, and select what sub-settings they have access to under the settings menu.

I also see the benefit, as others have pointed out, to have the ability to disable manual orders to prevent a user from creating personal shipments.

Jeff 1 vote
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I would like the ability to set user permission also. The easiest way to offer that RIGHT NOW is just disabling the "all orders" for anything who is note the admin. So they'll only see what's under "my orders". The programmer can just add a code for "if not admin, then don't show "all orders" button" !!!! and of courser anything else like setting and such that they do not need access to.

Then, yes have the ability to turn off "total" column would be nice.

G 1 vote
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Thanks, everyone, for these ideas! Please let us know if you have any other ideas or needs for this feature.

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 1 vote
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I signed up for the free trial yesterday because of the ability to add users & assign things to them. I was very disappointed when I saw that all users get pretty much full access. This should really be locked down. I am in a similar situation as the original poster, where I work with a dropshipper. I would like to assign orders or shipments to them & have them enter package info & print out labels. I don't really want them having access to everything else. That is a huge risk and may be the deciding factor as to whether or not I continue with ShippingEasy.

Misty 1 vote
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Hi Misty,

Thanks for your post. I completely understand your hesitance in sharing certain details with third parties and hope to see this feature soon, too. The good news is that features like these are under consideration for Q1 or Q2 of next year.

That said, please keep an eye on this thread as any updates we get from our Product Team will end up here so that we can update our customers who are interested. Thanks again for your feedback!

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 1 vote
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Hello, I last checked in on this thread 5 months ago.  Any updates as to if this will be a Q1 or Q2 addition?

Jeff 1 vote
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This is an absolute necessity.  As many others have commented, there needs to be some sort of permissions for users that the account owner has access to.  In my case, I use multiple drop-shippers and am assigning each of them a separate user access.  I then assign (via splitting orders manually at this time, see my other feature request for automation of this situation) each product that they are responsible for to them to fulfill.  

Unfortunately, with the current set-up, they have access to everything we are doing, they can see the items that they are fulfilling, the items that other drop-shippers are fulfilling, as well as the items that we fulfill in-house.  We are reliant on them to click on the my orders tab.  

There definitely needs to be a way to restrict their access only to the items that they are responsible for without giving them a full view of everything that we are doing in our business.

Anthony Candella 1 vote
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Thanks for the continued feedback! We're currently at the drawing table, considering some specific user permissions to enable for multi-user accounts. While there may be several iterations of this features, the initial release may include the ability to restrict access in the following ways:
  • Viewing assigned orders/shipments.
  • Access Reports.
  • Manual postage balance purchases.
  • Add manual orders.
  • Access Settings page.
  • Access Product page.

Again, this is just a working list, but we'd be interested to know which of these tops your own lists.

Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy] 1 vote
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