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ShippingEasy Update: This is a duplicate. Please see this alternate thread.

I would like to put in the idea of having ShippingEasy alert or notify us when an address is too long to fit on a label.

We have been having an issue with international orders being returned to us because the end of an address was cut off when the label is made.
This is different from the address surpassing the allowed characters for each address line.

At times the error is caught and we have to go back and adjust the address to use the address 2 line but this is not a perfect system and due to a high volume of orders these errors are not always noticed and corrected.

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Thanks for reaching out. We are aware of this and actually have a running thread here. I would like to redirect you there to follow, comment, and vote so our CEO and Product Team has a cohesive thread to follow.

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The system shouldn't be allowed to truncate any part of an address.

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