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View more than 200 orders/page.

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Agreed, this would be very useful not only for the orders page so i could process more orders in a batch but also so i could create pick lists more than 200 orders at a time and create scan forms for more than 200 orders at a time. Some days we are having 5 pages of orders to do all of these steps for.

Jeremiah 0 votes

I am disappointed that this hasn't been addressed yet. Limiting a pick list to 200 orders is a critical problem for me. During the busy holiday season I'll see 3-4 "pages" of orders in a single day, and this creates so much more work for me by having inaccurate or incomplete pick lists.

Claire 0 votes

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your requests for this feature. Currently, 200/page is pretty consistent across the app (you can both batch and view 200 at a time as well). However, I understand the need, especially during the holidays, to see more than 200 orders at once. The more interest we see in a feature, the more likely we are to look into it so if you know anyone who uses ShippingEasy who needs this feature, please tell them to come comment and like this thread. Also, please be sure to follow this thread so that you are emailed on any comments or updates to the thread. Thanks again!

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

plllleeeeeaaaase do this. Right now i have 5 pages of orders to go through. I am forced to use the search.

Ryan 0 votes

@Ryan I'd love to find out more about your process. You mentioned that you have to search to find your orders:

  • Is this because you need to ship individual orders and it's hard to find them when your orders are split onto multiple pages?
  • Or are you using search in another way?

I'm not sure if our Global Search bar would assist you, but it's a great tool when all you need is to find a single order anywhere in the app. You can even ship orders from the Global Search results page. Learn more:

There are other great ways to reduce your page results, such as filtering or sorting. These articles provide more details:

Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

@Jennifer you weren't addressing the question to me but I can shed some light on how I, too, need to use Search when I have multiple pages of orders. Here is my current scenario:

I have over 400 orders that ideally needed to go onto a single pick list, which obviously cannot happen due to the order number limitations. So what I need to do is filter by order date first (which gives me ~390 orders for the date I'm currently working on) and then use the Search to narrow down and split up the pick lists by SKU. So I'll take those 390 orders and filter down via search to only the orders containing XXX SKU to get ~150-180 orders at a time. Then I need to fill all of these orders before I can go back and select another SKU to search for, to avoid having some items "doubled" on my next pick lists. Does that make sense? It barely makes sense to me, and it's a LOT of extra work.

Claire 0 votes

@Jennifer The main issue I have with this limitation is due to my process which I'll try to explain.

We print our orders from our ecom system, not shipping easy.

We then process (pack) the orders in chronological order and put the packages in buckets.

I then take a bucket of packages and find the customer/order on the order list (using browser search, not your search). At this point, I've found the order in the list and the rest of the packages in the bucket are in the near vicinity of the first one i found in the list. This makes it very easy to find the rest of the orders to make the shipments.

Using the built in search throws this out the window because I don't have a bucket of orders with the name "Jennifer" lol.

Also, the browser search alone is is faster since the page/results don't have to reload.

Ryan 0 votes

Thank you for all the information! Everyone has unique processes so it's very helpful to understand these workflows. I'll be forwarding on details of your specific use case scenarios to our Product Team. In the meantime, I have a few work around suggestions that might help improve your productivity.

@Claire I'm wondering if our Product Catalog might help you out filter for orders more easily. Our Product Catalog allows you to store information about your products based on SKUs.

If you combine the Product Catalog with other tools: Shipping Rules, Product Categories, and Order Categories, you could flag your orders on the Orders page by SKU groupings. Then filter to those Orders Categories, as well as the Date Range.

While you would still be filtering for the SKUs, in essence, it would be a bit more systematic and less prone to error.

As you're reading through this, it probably sounds like a lot to set up. Fortunately, this is a commonly used approach, so we have quite a few resources to help you set this up. Plus, once you've set it up, most of the process is automated - saving you time down the road.

Here are a couple article to start you off:

One thing to keep in mind with Shipping Rules is that they only act on new incoming orders. So, this approach will not, unfortunately, help with your existing orders. However, it will help with organizing future orders.

@Ryan Have you considered using the "Date Range" filter on the orders page? Of course, on very busy days you may still find yourself with more than 200 shipments in a day, but on some days you may find that filtering to a single date will help you see all the related orders on the same page.

On the left hand bar on the Orders page, you'll see a list of filter options. Click "Date Range" to expand the option. Then enter the date that reflects the orders within the bucket at hand.

This article provides illustrated steps to filter your orders:

Then you can continue to use the browser search bar to locate the other similar orders.

I'd love to hear if any of these ideas are on track.

Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

That would only work if we had less than 200 orders for the range. I tried that the other day, there were still 4 pages for this weekend.

Ryan 0 votes

@Ryan That's an excellent point - I can see how this method would fall short when there are massive sales. I wonder if enhancing the "Age" filter would also help? Currently, the age filter is restricted to specific ranges. If you could instead set the filter to a specific range of hours or time, would that help?

Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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