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I've had my ShippingEasy account for a long time and all of a sudden my orders stopped syncing. Please help!

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If you've already verified that your store is connected (go to SETTINGS >> STORES & ORDERS) and your eBay orders have been syncing for months without any problems, then there is a good chance that your Authentication Token may have expired. These need to be reauthenticated every 18 months.

Our development team has prioritized work to create a quicker solution to this problem. In the meantime, we recommend one of the two solutions:

  1. Force reconnect.
  2. Re-integrate.

Force reconnect:

  1. Log into ShippingEasy.
  3. Under your eBay store, click Edit store settings.
  4. You'll see a URL that looks like this:
  5. Replace "edit" with "reconnect", so the address reads:
  6. Hit the "Enter" on your keyboard. You'll see the "Reconnect Store" page.
  7. Verify your username and select Save.
  8. Log into your eBay account when prompted.
  9. You'll see the dialog to "Grant application access: ShippingEasy". Click I agree.
  10. You'll be taken back to your Edit Store Settings page. Just click Save to hold your original settings.

Your store should now be reconnected. Navigate to the ORDERS page and click Sync with Store to run the sync of your orders.


  1. Archive your eBay store in ShippingEasy. Learn more.
  2. Integrate your store again. Learn more.

Your store should now be connected. Orders from the last 14 days will start pulling in automatically.

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