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An option to put each store sales in a default customer account would be great. I, and maybe others, use Quickbooks a vessel for accounting numbers for my retail online sales. I keep track of retail customers other ways.

Create customer based on the store. That way one can keep track of total sales through each store.

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Great news! We now support this feature. You can view more information on how to use this feature by viewing this Quickbooks article. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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Hi Galen,

Thanks for this suggestion. Currently, if you want us to "automatically create customers" within the ShippingEasy/QuickBook Integration, it will be that each sales transaction will be added as a new customer, whether the order is placed through your eBay or Amazon store. It sounds like you are wanting to groupings, is that right?


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We would like to second this! It is a vital feature for our bookkeeping to be able to group all orders from one store under the same customer account in QB.

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