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Update Shipping method on Big Commerce

When a customer chooses a shipping method (say Fedex Ground) but we find we can ship if for less in a Priority Mail Flat rate, we do so.

When shipping easy updates Big Commerce with the tracking number, it does not change the shipping method, so the tracking number sent to the customer includes a link for Fedex but a Priority Mail tracking number.

Steve Mayfield



Hi Steve,

Before I pass this feedback onto our product team I just wanted to confirm if this was something you had recently noticed, or if you've always had this concern? I see you are not using our e-mail templates. Does this mean you are using the templates for confirmation e-mails from BigCommerce?

You may want to try to start using ours (we have recently made quite a few changes for customizations) and see if you still run into that issue or not.

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

I don't send the emails. Big Commerce is set up to automatically send the emails to the customers when an item is shipped (or cancelled, refunded, returned).

Until Shipping easy uses our SMTP to send emails, I wouldn't want the shipping information sent from Shippingeasy as it can get very confusing to a customer if isn't sending them the emails.

Steve Mayfield 0 votes


We do currently have a running thread for this so feel free to post/follow there, too:

Alternatively, for our emails, while ShippingEasy does send them, you have the option of putting your name in the senders field. Please see how to customize email templates for more info.

The emails are then sent on your behalf, by us, via sendgrid. You also have the option to have a noreply.

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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