Reflect Discounts and Coupon Codes on Packing Slips and E-mails as well as the Application itself


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UPDATE: A BRAND NEW Shipment Variable has been added to the email and packing slip template editors: "Discount Amount", which shows the amount of discount (if there is one) that was applied to the order. NOTE: this variable only works with orders from the following store types:


You can also see what other variables we have available in this article.

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Great news! This is now available for WooCommerce users.

There is an option (controlled via the ShippingEasy plugin’s settings
page in WordPress) to display the coupon codes that the buyer
specified at the end of any buyer comments. This makes the coupon
codes visible in ShippingEasy on the Orders page (in the popup with
order details) and on the packing slip (if the buyer comments are
included in the packing slip template). Please see this article on Version 3 of our plugin to adjust those settings.


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