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Need Buyer Name Field

Sometimes the Ship To Name is different than the person who buys the product.  

Thus, the email confirmation will have the recipient's name instead of the buyer's.

Perhaps you need to enlarge your database to have a "Bill to" and "Ship To" name, addresses.

Robert Schlein



Great suggestion! I have passed this along to our developers.

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 1 vote
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We had a customer email us to let us know she had gotten the Ship To and Bill To addresses mixed up.

After a bit of back and forth, along with confusion on both our side and the customers we see that this is still an issue. The default variable shows the Bill To address, but the campaign email clearly states it as being the Ship To address. I am surprised this hasn't been fixed previously. Very confusing for the customer, and confusing for us when we try to address the issue only to find it isn't the case.

Even something as simple as changing the default to state Bill To vs. Ship To would avoid the issue, of course getting it to actually list the Ship To address is a far better fix.

Medicine Flower Shipping Dept 1 vote
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We have released a new feature that will rectify this! We have changed the Customer Address variables to the Shipping Address in the Customer Marketing template editor. Previously, this was defaulting to the billing address. Billing Address and Formatted Billing Address have been added as separate variables. Additionally, Tracking Number and Tracking Number URL have been added for all templates; this was previously only available in shipment confirmation emails

Hope this helps!

Bria B. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes
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Checking the status of adding the 'Ship To' name. We just had a customer e-mail us to change the shipping name; however, the name is correct in the shipping details. We don't have an option to add the Ship To name in the automated e-mail.

Sandy Hix 0 votes
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