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On more than one occasion, I have had the wrong order selected when I have printed an order.  In history, there is a cancel label choice, but it only requests a refund of the postage.

Perhaps an undo choice which would:

     A) Cancel and refund the postage for the printed label

     B) Stop the tracking number / store update if it hasn't already synced

     C) Place the specified order back into the 'to be shipped' que.



Hi Steve:

This is a good suggestion - having it automatically refund (if within 10 days) and place the order back in the Orders page would be interesting. I am not sure we can "Cancel" an API update to store, however, and I believe there are some other reasons why we have not done this as of yet. However, I will be sure to forward this request. Apologies for the delay in response!

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I agree, this is becoming a deal breaker for me especially now that it tracks inventory.  I would like it to take it back out of inventory and put it back in the order screen.

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