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I make heavy use of Quick Print, but when I have an international order over the threshold for single-label printing, if I'm not paying attention it prints out the 4 copies of the label/customs form on my labels. So not only do I need to reprint these on regular paper, I just wasted two sheets worth of labels.

It would be nice if there was a warning dialog when quick printing these labels, so I can switch out labels for plain paper or cancel the quick print and print manually.

Even better yet would be if it were possible to automatically have these printed out on plain paper instead of labels by selecting a different printer. I have my system set up with multiple printers, so even though everything goes to the same physical printer, I can print to different trays based on which printer I select. It seems like this might be a possibility for future improvement with the new ConnectEasy printing method.



Hi Justin,

We are actively working on enhancing ConnectEasy to support additional printing options. I want to make sure that I completely understand your comment about different trays on the same physical printer. Does each tray literally show up as a separate printer under the list of printers shown by your operating system (either Windows or Mac)?


Gregg Sporar

Product Manager



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That is correct, I have the regular printer set up as normal and then a copy of that printer called "Labels" that pulls from the bypass tray.

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