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Update Defaults needed for International Duties & Taxes...URGENT.

I transitioned from my FedEx client that defaulted to "Bill Recipient" for duties and Taxes.

Stupid me didn't notice that it was set by ShipEasy to "Bill Shipper" as a default.   I would think "Bill Recipient" would be much more common for us small businesses.

Please consider changing the default or giving us a "SETTING" in the "INTERNATIONAL" area to change this.

Saving in "Ready to Ship" doesn't work.   It saves some of the settings but not where Customs are billed.

This error is going to cost me hundreds of dollars unless I can collect back from my customers....PLEASE FIX!

Thank you!


Robert Schlein



I can understand how that could be confusing, Robert. I have mentioned this to our developers so they are aware of your frustration with this. Please follow this thread for any possible updates.

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] -1 votes
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Agreed! 99% of our international customers understand that importing will incur local duties and taxes, which we cannot/should not pre-pay or calculate for them. We haven't conducted an official survey or study, but our experience and interaction with other SMBs would indicate this is the case for just about everyone.

ShippingEasy usually knocks it out of the park with UI and UX, but this is an oversight that seems so easily fixed and would make a large number of shippers (more) happy with minimal effort. Just change the order the options appear in the drop-down so that "Bill Recipient" is the default.

If FedEx's Ship Manager software (a clunky, out-dated, dinosaur of a software) can do this, so can you ShippingEasy! We believe in you!

Matt Hopkins 3 votes
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This is a big deal, and an easy fix.  

We really need this as it has cost our company more than a $1000 so far, because it is so easy to overlook.  It is a reason for us to switch providers.  

Rob Christensen 0 votes
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