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Mark as Shipped for Other Carriers

I have USPS and UPS set up as carriers, but sometimes a drop-shipped item will be shipped via FedEx. When this happens, and I mark it as shipped, I only have the option to select USPS or UPS for the shipping method.

I would like the ability to add arbitrary shippers without having to have an account with them (FedEx, DHL, etc.) or even just a catch-all "Other" in the list in addition to my set up carriers.

This would also allow us to mark a package that was locally picked up or delivered as "shipped" without having to erroneously select USPS or UPS as the shipping method.


Stasia Wierzbicki




What a splendid idea. I can see how this would help you and other drop-shippers. I have forwarded your request to our developers.

Please keep excellent feedback such as this coming in! And remember to follow this topic so that you can be alerted if anything new is mentioned.

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 3 votes
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Same issue. We have lots of drop ship products and some manufacturers use different carriers/shippers than we do. It seems silly for us to sign up for a UPS account just so we can have a drop-down as an option! This is a real issue as lots of retailers offer drop shipping for their products. In the meantime I can enter tracking, but it will not provide the correct carrier and could be very confusing to the customer. This issue could result in negative reviews on our website! If anyone has a work-around in the meantime, I'm all ears! Thanks!

Kimberly Willits 3 votes
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Holy cow - the initial request for this issue was over 2 years ago?!? Guess this isn't getting fixed anytime soon. :( 

Kimberly Willits 2 votes
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I completely agree Kimberly! Well said.

I noticed that if I do use shipping easy to mark the order as shipped using the USPS carrier with a UPS tracking number, eBay updates the order as shipped with USPS as a carrier. The UPS tracking number will not show the customer any movement being that it's not the correct carrier. Also, my shipping metrics are affected and eBay thinks that the package really hasn't been shipped or received. It would be nice (being that this product is a shipping solution) to be able to mark all orders as shipped within Shippingeasy rather than going to eBay and Amazon to change the carrier on every order just because we don't need a UPS or FedEx account. Thanks again!

Sandra 1 vote
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Thank you everyone for your continued feedback. Our team has been considering some of the ramifications of making the various changes that have been suggested in this thread. As a next step, we'd like to pose a few questions that have surfaced in our own discussions:

How would the list of carriers be determined? Some ideas we've had include:

  • Simple "Other" option.
  • Account specific setting to allow you to save a custom list of carriers.
  • Blank field to fill in the carrier. 

With these second options, we have a couple more considerations:

  • Should it be possible to enter a 'custom' carrier that matches a carrier that has been integrated with ShippingEasy already?
  • Who should be able to add these carriers? For instance, any user or just the owner of the account.

Lastly, would these carriers be used only for marking the orders as shipped or are there other uses that you would like to see made possible? Such as having the data available in Reports.

We're still very much in the exploratory phase of this feature enhancement. However, any thoughts you have to share on these questions will help our team move our ideas forward.


Jennifer R. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes
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A simplie "Other" option with a text field to input the carrier name would be terrific. Our problem is that we ship about 30% of our orders by ground carriers USPS, FedEx, and UPS. However the other 70% ships via LTL freight. There is currently no working shipping platform that integrates with our sales channels that supports LTL freight carriers.

We don't need customers to be able to click a tracking link in the notification, only to be able to see the carrier and tracking number.

Our order platform is Bigcommerce. Within the BC, when you "ship" an item, you are able to add a tracking number for "other" carrier. If we were to upload a tracking number in ShippingEasy for an order, it should be simple to pass that tracking back to the sales channel as with any shipment on a supported carrier.

Because ShippingEasy integrates with so few carriers, it seems reasonable to have an "Other" selection with text box for marking items as shipped. Please add this functionality.

Jamie Tidrick 0 votes
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Was this ever implemented? We are having this exact issue. A simple "Other" text field where we can manually enter the shipper will be perfect

Lloyd Alvarez 0 votes
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Hi Llyod, 

Thanks for taking the time to post in the forum. Currently, we only list carriers configured within your ShippingEasy account will be available from the menu. Learn how to add additional carriers.

We will keep an eye out for this post for additional feedback and comments. If we hear this request from anyone else, we will ask them to comment or vote for this post. 

Bria B. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes
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