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Packing slip customization - Condition


In the Packing Slip setup, could we add a checkbox for whether or not to print condition.  We sell a lot of food products, and seeing 'New' next to an item infers that we would also sell food which is not 'New'.

Imagine if above all of the meats in the supermarket there was a sign that said 'Unspoiled Meats' .... it would make you hesitate before buying...

Steve Mayfield Completed

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Good news!

Support for the Condition Note feature has been added for Amazon. It will be available as an optional column on the Orders page and packing slips.
NOTE: For the packing slip templates “condition” and “condition_note” have been added to the columns section of the “shipment.line_items”. These will not appear by default. This knowledge base article has been updated:

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy]
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I understand what you are saying here and will forward your feedback to our developers so they are aware of the issue you are experiencing with the terminology. Thanks again for the fabulous feature request!

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes
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I do not like that Shipping Easy has arbitrarily decided to append this information to our title.  If you want to make it an option I suppose there could be some sellers who want that included but since this is something the customer sees it should be up to us to make that decision.  I hate it so much I probably would not have decided to go with ShippingEasy had I know they would interfere in this way with my interaction with my customers.

What possible purpose or advantage does this add to the seller/customer communications?  There must have been some reasoning at the time the decision was made to inject this information, or was it just a "gee whiz, see what we can do" kind of thing.  Please take this out or make it optional.  If it is optional we should be able to control the placement on the packing slip as with other variables.

Bill 1 vote
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Hello Bill,

I appreciate your detailed feedback. At this time, when an item condition is sent over from a store platform, they send it over as part of the overall item description. I can certainly understand your request to be able to filter these out, I've added in your feature request to document this and investigate the possibility of making this optional.

If there are any updates or additional questions, we will post them here. We will also ask customers with the same request to post or follow here so we can update our prioritization.

Madilynn T. [ShippingEasy Product] 

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