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Support Additional Scales

What scale does your company use and why?  Help us understand your shipping needs by leaving a comment below.  We are particularly interested in the specific SKU for any scale that you would like ShippingEasy to support.




I really like the platform so far, and how clean and streamlined everything is. I just have a couple suggestions / requests:

Could you please support the new 70 lb digital scale? I signed up yesterday, but didn't know the most heavy duty scale the shipping easy could work with went up to 25 lbs.

That's of course not really conducive to working with FedEx or UPS.

Also, hugely important to us is to be able to use the Zebra ZP 505 printers that FedEx supplies us with. I think this may already work with Shipping Easy, but by only supporting 4" x 6" labels w/ no doc tabs, this makes all of our paper work incomplete.

Many companies are used to putting the doc tab on a shipped order and then scan it into their database to keep the tracking # and ship date with the order. For example, supporting the 6.75" doc tab labels that FedEx supplies would be awesome.

I truly believe that doing both of those things would help us stay with Shipping Easy and help you attract and keep many new customers.


Dan F.

Dan Fry 0 votes

We would like ShippingEasy to offer more scale options with larger weight limits. Currently you offer 2 scales for integration with a 25lb weight limit but we ship products heavier than that. We have a heavier scale and are manually putting in weights. We need a better solution than that.

Jason Haefner 0 votes

We too would benefit greatly from a scale that would handle larger packages say at least 100 lbs or just over, that would integrate with our system. 

Helen Hilman 0 votes

We use a small 10 lb scale we would like to see added to the list of integrated scales.  It is the Dymo 10 lb scale model #40158 by Pelouze, distributed by Sanford Brands.

Sarah DeGroot 0 votes

There are a couple of scales sold by USPS made by Measurements Ltd. They seem popular on Amazon. I have the PS-10USB

Mark Tracy 0 votes

Great suggestions everyone! I have forwarded your requests to support these scales to our Product Team! Some of these scales, however, we may actually support now, such as the DYMO 10 pound scale and I believe the scale would be supported, too (as long as it says on the scale). Here can see our recommended and supported scales.

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

I would love to see the option besides USB for COM3 since my scale (Salter-Brecknell LPS-15 30lbs capacity) uses the parallel port via a USB to COM port converter. The scale features  RS-232 interface and NSI SC1 protocol. If you set this option up, nearly every single scale on the market will be usable via your system. This system is select-able with one click on and also available on FedEx Shipping Manager and UPS World software. Whoever comes to ShippingEasy from these platforms currently will not be able to hook their scales to ShippingEasy. I would most definitely add this feature asap.

Thank you,


Peter Gyaraki 0 votes

Hi Peter,

Thanks for the suggestion. This is an interesting option that has not yet been requested so we'll make sure to look into this. Please keep an eye on this thread in case we get an update for you. Thanks! 

Rachael O. [ShippingEasy] 0 votes

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