Direct Printing of Packing Slips


Currently, when you create a batch and click 'Print Packing Slips and Create Shipment', the system takes you to another screen, where you click print again, which opens a new tab, which opens a PDF, which you then click print again, select the printer, and, yes, click print again, then you click shipments to go to shipping.

Using the new Printer setup Beta, you could select a default report printer, and have the system spool the packing slips directly from the 'Print Packing Slips and Create Shipment' button, and then take you directly to the shipments tab.

Less Clicking = Less Chance to screw something up


Hi Steve,

We are actively working on improving all print processing in ShippingEasy. The ability to specify a printer per output type is on our short term road map.


Gregg Sporar

Product Manager


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